We are celebrating 70 years of KYBURZ SAPPHIRE

Thank you to our partners and employees

10. September 2020

Seventy years ago, Victor Kyburz founded his company. This small-scale grinding and polishing company primarily served the local watch industry back then. Over the years, it diversified more and more and expanded into new sectors – such as medical technology, which has become increasingly important in recent years.

More about our history

Over 100 guests celebrated seven decades of success, together with members of the Kyburz family. Things had not always been easy, as Gregor Kyburz recalled at the start of the event. His grandmother Frieda, now 100 years old, still remembers the early days of the company, when her husband Victor would often bring parts back home with him, and the whole family had to work on them at the kitchen table. Whether big or small, everyone in the family played their part in the success of the company, and they remain the backbone of it to this day. But it’s not just the Kyburz family who make sure that everything runs smoothly at KYBURZ SAPPHIRE. The families of its employees also play their part, because working for the company often means being flexible, and this is only possible thanks to their support too.

Visitors were then given a tour of the production facility, and were able to observe the manufacture of an artfully designed jubilee part. At a total of nine different stages, the employees explained every step of their work in detail, full of pride in what they do. Even non-professionals were able to realise just how much precision work goes into such a product. Every individual manoeuvre demands a keen eye and a lot of finesse. The modern machine pool also impressed the guests. The commitment of our employees, our spirit of innovation – often in tandem with visionary partners – and our many years of experience are the combination on which KYBURZ SAPPHIRE aims to build in the future, just as in the past.