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4. August 2020

Suddenly, nothing is how it was. The Corona crisis offers compelling proof of how familiar procedures can be interrupted quickly and without warning, and of the extent to which production facilities depend on well-functioning supply chains. Supply chain management is being sorely put to the test right now. In the present situation, companies that can count on reliable, flexible partners are at an advantage.

Right at the beginning of the pandemic, we at KYBURZ took the necessary precautions to protect our employees, and thus also to maintain our production capacity. We have succeeded in continuing operations almost unobstructed, even during the enduring, exceptional circumstances of the past weeks.

Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration, our company is largely autonomous. We rely primarily on local suppliers, so we are barely affected by transport problems or customs delays. A series of additional measures has enabled us to secure the long-term, reliable delivery of our product line.

KYBURZ delivers swiftly and flexibly:

Ultra-hard materials in perfect quality

Our complete product line is currently available. We procure our materials from various well-proven channels, which means we are guaranteed an independent, reliable source of supplies.
KYBURZ is also your ideal partner for new developments. Our prototyping process is what sets us apart. Why not try us out!

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