Microprocessing of cover glasses

Innovative processing technologies for cover glasses

30. October 2023

Innovative microprocessing technologies are enabling new and expanded functionalities for sapphire glass in the medical technology sector. KYBURZ SAPPHIRE produces these novel components down to the smallest dimensions into nanoscale. An industrialised process enables large production capacity at the highest levels of accuracy.

The constant miniaturisation and increasing capabilities of medical instruments places ever greater demands on individual components. KYBURZ SAPPHIRE has therefore developed a pioneering new solution: innovative microprocessing technologies for cover glasses and lenses that enable new and improved functionalities for medical devices. Designed primarily for usage in optical instruments like endoscopes, this technology also opens new opportunities in other areas as well.

High quality raw materials

KYBURZ SAPPHIRE’s products are of high quality because of the raw materials used. Only crystals of the highest quality and purity are chosen for the production of cover glasses, and the raw materials used meet even the most demanding of standards. Because of this, we can guarantee complete traceability right back to the original raw materials.

Multi-faceted design and microoptic precision

By using the most modern laser processing techniques, KYBURZ SAPPHIRE can shape complex geometry precisely into the desired form. This enables cover glasses and lenses to be manufactured according to specific customer geometrics. KYBURZ SAPPHIRE is also setting standards when it comes to the smallest possible dimensions. Spherical surfaces with a radius of 0.8 mm and greater are now possible, and advanced processing technologies also allow the precise production of microoptic design elements with the desired external contours.

Optimisation of optical performance

KYBURZ SAPPHIRE’s newest processing technologies transform cover glasses into high-performance optical devices. Internal and external microstructures are incorporated to help minimise reflections and scattered light. Picture quality is consequently greatly improved, which is of particular importance for imaging equipment in the medical technology sector.

Wide range of coating and finishing options

Through close cooperation with our partners in the area of coating and finishing, KYBURZ SAPPHIRE is able to offer a wide range of refinement options. From solder layers through to autoclavable anti-reflective layers, absorbing or reflective coating  – these options combined with precise microstructures open a new world of design opportunities and optimisation for medical technology applications.

Industrial processes for large production volumes

KYBURZ SAPPHIRE’s scope of operations also extend to the efficient management of large production volumes. Well developed production technologies allow us to produce highly precise components on a large scale. Extensive measuring equipment that enables the qualification of extremely small cover glasses to ISO standards guarantees consistently high quality.

With its innovative microprocessing technology, KYBURZ SAPPHIRE is your partner for new developments in the medical technology sector. The combination of high quality materials, precise processing and new functionalities opens a wide range of opportunities for medical instruments.

Sapphire applications in medical technology:

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