LASER World of Photonics – Messe München, 26 – 29 April

Can it be made even smaller?

4. April 2022

The demand for ever smaller sapphire components is leading Kyburz Sapphire to develop creative solutions. In recent years, the company has made extensive investments in process technologies for the production of sapphire micro-lenses. Now our experts have succeeded in pushing back the limits once again, producing even smaller parts without any loss of precision. You can learn more about the latest developments at first hand by visiting our booth in Munich.

The process of miniaturisation remains ongoing in the field of medical technology. This is why Kyburz Sapphire has continued to develop new micro-optics in recent months. Until now, negative lenses for endoscopes were possible down to a diameter of 1.60 mm. For flat windows, the smallest possible diameter used to be 0.80 mm. But today, Kyburz is able to realise parts that are considerably smaller. The development and production of such cover glasses require the highest degree of precision, from the first to the last step in the work process.

Maximum precision, also in handling

For the process design of these new micro-optics, Kyburz Sapphire has succeeded in combining proven processes with new technologies. Once again, laser processing has demonstrated its versatility and shown that it still has a lot of potential in the design of processes and workpieces. New challenges in the production of micro-optics also arise in handling: manual joining processes require an extremely steady hand. Precision work is also required when packaging the optics.

Kyburz Sapphire’s production is entirely geared to customer requirements. Whether it’s a single piece or a batch of several thousand that you need, you can count on our expertise and experience from engineering to moulding and finishing/coating. At the end of the process, each part is tested individually.

Gregor Kyburz and Lea Unterrassner will be happy to show you the latest developments in person. The LASER World of Photonics trade fair in Munich offers a good opportunity for this.

26 – 29 APRIL 2022
LASER World of Photonics, Munich
Hall B5, Booth 338

Reliable procurement of raw materials

The procurement situation on the world markets is currently a major issue. Kyburz Sapphire is well positioned in this area. We have extensive safety stocks of sapphire materials, and if the situation ever becomes critical, we can fall back on resilient business relationships with secondary suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the procurement of sapphire materials.

KYBURZ SAPPHIRE has a certified quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.