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A family business since 1950

Since it was founded in 1950, Victor Kyburz AG has been wholly devoted to precision. For three generations, the Kyburz family has been engaged in mastering the technological challenge of bringing ultrahard materials into the right shape for precise applications. Victor Kyburz, the founder, was already responsible for diversifying production into different fields, and his son Peter followed his example. Processes were further refined, and were made ever more precise. Since 2010, this independent family company has been run by its third generation – by Gregor Kyburz and his sister Lea Unterrassner-Kyburz. Streamlined processes when manufacturing prototypes – always carried out in close collaboration with the client – have become a trademark of Kyburz Sapphire. Its high degree of flexibility in production is a crucial advantage too. Short decision-making paths and many years of experience make even highly complex manufacturing processes possible.
Victor Kyburz founds his company with a handful of employees. Precision is their most important benchmark. Their company provides polished rubies to the watch industry.
Kyburz first begins diversifying into other sectors. It starts manufacturing jewel bearings for precision scales.
Peter Kyburz takes over the running of the company from his father. He begins manufacturing components for laser equipment.
Kyburz begins manufacturing optical components with flat, angular and spherical geometries, thereby branching out into a new sector.
Kyburz enters a new growth market, manufacturing new endoscopy applications in the field of medical technology.
Victor Kyburz AG enters the aerospace market, industrialising the machining processes for large spherical windows for infrared measuring technology.
A third generation assumes the running of the company: Lea Unterrassner-Kyburz and her brother Gregor Kyburz.
Kyburz begins using laser cutting technology to open up new opportunities for manufacturing plane-parallel windows with all kinds of external geometries.
Modern CAD/CAM systems, together with new, multi-axis processing machines (both controlled and automated) enable the serial production of complex geometries and free forms such as aspherical optics.
Victor Kyburz AG expands its capabilities for processing and measuring small spherical lenses. It develops machining processes for the series production of lenses with a radius of 1 mm and upwards (micro-lenses).
«The manageable size of our company means we can devote our direct, personal attention to our demanding clients. Instead of dealing with a sales department, you will find us to be a reliable development partner possessing the necessary technological competence.» Gregor Kyburz, CEO
«We are very much invested in training our personnel. Anyone who takes pleasure in precision work will find we’re the right place to be.» Lea Unterrassner-Kyburz, CEO

We count on long-term cooperation

As a highly specialised, medium-sized company, our experienced, motivated employees are our most important capital. We count on establishing long-term relationships with them. This is the only way we can progress beyond existing technological limits and satisfy the high standards demanded by our international clients. From modelling with CAD/CAM to the most modern 5-axis grinding centres, precision polishing processes and the final inspection, we deploy our staff precisely where they can give their best.

Opportunities for young talent

Exciting apprenticeships await young, talented people in careers such as polytechnician, production mechanic, practical mechanic, automation engineer, plant operator (Swiss Certificate EFZ) and draughtsman (EFZ). Already during their first year of training, they work on client projects and take on responsibility. The qualifications offered are certified in close collaboration with the Swiss regional “Thal-Mittelland” Training Alliance. Are you interested? You can go to the Training Alliance website here.

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