Thanks to new optical measurement systems

A marked increase in centring precision

30. January 2023

When it comes to precision, KYBURZ SAPPHIRE is always exploring new limits. The integration of new optical measuring systems by TRIOPTICS will in future make it possible to measure centring precision in the range of just a few angular minutes, even for very small sapphire lenses with a radius of 1 mm. and upwards. Such centring precision is essential for precision optical applications in endoscopes in medical technology. These investments made by KYBURZ SAPPHIRE will take it overall to a new level in assuring and documenting the quality of its sapphire lenses.

Working with the measuring device requires a steady hand and a healthy dose of patience. If one of the precious lenses falls on the floor, it is practically impossible to find it again with the naked eye. It takes practice to be able to place the lens exactly in the rotating device, and one has to be properly trained in the art of calibrating the measuring device and adjusting the screen. To this end, a course was recently held at KYBURZ SAPPHIRE by a specialist from the company TRIOPTICS.

Following the successful production of several pilot series, KYBURZ SAPPHIRE expects to start series production as of mid-2023. The aim is to exceed a monthly production capacity of over 1,000 units.