We produce components from ultra-hard materials for use in human and veterinary medicine.

We meet the highest standards in matters of flatness surface finish and purity of the materials in our plano optics, mirrors, wedge windows, fibre optics and spherical lenses.

Increasing demands in the analysis of processes and products require well-founded expertise in sapphire material, also with regard to its purity and crystal orientation. This is why our clients can completely rely on our sapphire optics for measuring systems such as refractometers, spectrometers, photometers and pyrometers.

Our speciality: spherical sapphire windows to protect optical sensors, camera systems and infrared optics.

Whether it’s for travel in space or the depths of the ocean, we can manufacture unique parts or small-scale series of parts with the highest precision possible for many scientific fields and research projects.

Kyburz is your partner
for optical components

Kyburz Sapphire specialises in optical components and in the machining of sapphire, ceramics, and other hard materials. We deliver precision, down to the nano-range. Our great variety of processes means we are highly flexible in the design and prototyping of demanding optical components.

Our core competence lies in developing custom-made optical components and in the corresponding tools and apparatus. As our client, we will support you in specifying the parts, process design, prototype-building and industrial production. Thanks to our production depth, we can also solve complex tasks while at the same time remaining highly flexible with regard to the geometry and dimensions of work pieces.

For this we can draw on various processing technologies such as flexible 5-axis grinding centres, and efficient laser processing and reliable polishing methods. For finishing procedures such as coatings and assembly, we are assisted by long-term, expert partners and subcontractors.

Challenge us. We’re ready.

Prototyping for small
and medium series

Thanks to our machining versatility, we are able to offer fast prototyping for optical components. Our many years of experience, allied to innovative solutions, allow us to achieve the industrialisation required for successful serial production. Our goal is reproducibility and suitability for series production, while documenting all the necessary working steps and applying appropriate measuring methods.

Regardless of whether we are creating individual pieces or hundreds or even thousands, our prime concern is accuracy and client satisfaction.

Our ingenious workflow system supports us in this.


Engineering –
our core competence

Our core competence lies in the development of custom-made optical components and in the tools and apparatus necessary for these processes.

We support you in specifying the parts, process design and prototype-building, all the way to industrial production. Competence and innovation are at the heart of our bespoke, pragmatic solutions. We provide you with expert advice throughout the entire process.

Optische Komponenten wie Saphir, Keramik – Kyburz Sapphire

Ultra-hard materials
in perfect quality

We process all kinds of ultra-hard materials. We procure the materials for optical components from trusted sources all over the world. This ensures an independent, secure supply chain. Selecting the right sapphire material is just as much part of our service as is determining its specifications, quality control and guaranteed traceability. In addition to sapphire, we also process YAG, spinel, ruby and oxide ceramics.

Optische Komponenten wie Saphir, Keramik – Kyburz Sapphire


Microprocessing of cover glasses

30. October 2023
Innovative microprocessing technologies are enabling new and expanded functionalities for sapphire glass in the medical technology sector. KYBURZ SAPPHIRE produces these novel components down to the smallest dimensions into nanoscale. An industrialised process enables large production capacity at the highest levels of accuracy.